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Q: I signed up before 2008 and do not have a username/password.
How do I get one?

A. Click here.

Q: I have submitted my info twice, and it doesn't show that I have been
activated. How long does it take?

A: We know it's hard to wait for your information to show up.
We try to add alumni information as often as we can. But sometimes
we are very busy and don't have time to do it. It can take as long as
one or two months all though it is rare. Updated information shows up
automatically. Your information (bios, web page links and photos) will
be checked by us for content. Please try not to sign up more than once.

Q: How do I update my profile?
A: There are many ways to update your information. When you sign in
you will be taken to your profile page. There you can update your info.
Also, On the right
hand side of the Home page and Alumni Log page,
there is a box of quick clicks. Click on the "Update info." button.

Q: How do I add photos to my bio?
A: See "How do I update my profile" above. Hit the "Browse" button.
Find the file on your computer. Highlight the image. Click the "Open"
button. Then add a caption that tells about the photo and click the
"Upload your image" button. All photos will be checked by us. Any
questionable photos will be deleted.

Q: How do I tell how current a person's information is?
A: Under their profile, at the bottom of the index card,
you will see the day they signed up or updated their info

Q: I am looking for so and so's email address. Do you have it?
A: We do not have email addresses other than what is listed in our
student profiles. If you don't see it there, we do not know their email

Q: Can I remove my name from the alumni log?
A: Yes you can. Just send us your name and the year you graduated.

Q: I am looking for a copy of such and such year's yearbook. Do you know
how I can get one?

A: Uintah High School does not make or sale coppies of old yearbooks. :(

Q: Can I put class reunion information on your site?
A: Yes!! To email reunion information click here.

Q: Do you know when the class of such and such's reunion will be?
A: If it is not listed in our Reunions section, we don't know when it will be.

Q: I want to find lost classmates. How can I get a post on your site showing
who we are looking for?

A: Go to our message board (http:/
and post in our "Lost Alumni" section.

Q: How do I find out if someone is looking for me?
A: Go to our message board (
and look in our "Lost Alumni" section.

Q: What if I didn't graduate from Uintah. Can I still be added?
A: Yes. As long as you attended Uintah, no matter what your
reason was for leaving, you can be added. When you sign up, list the
year you would have graduated with and we will add you to that years list.

Q: What if my name isn't on the list of my graduating class? Did you
forget me?

A: We do our best not to forget anyone. We take the class lists from
the senior pictures in the yearbooks. If you were missed, we are sorry!
Please send us your name and the year you graduated and we will
put you on ASAP!

Q: Will you post everyone that was in the class of such and such, as it
is on the other years?

A: We only have access to a few yearbooks. If you would like to submit
your senior class list, we would be happy to post it. We ask that you do
the following,

a) after you are finished typing the alumni list, go back through and make
sure everyone's name is spelled correctly and that you haven't missed
b) Include the Senior Class Officers. Example: John Doe, President;
Sally Sunshine, Vice President; etc.
c) If you have the time, please include the faculty and staff list. See an
example of what we need here: Staff list 2001

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